Enabling better clinical care by moving a critical EHR system to the cloud

Blog /Enabling better clinical care by moving a critical EHR system to the cloud
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San Diego, California-based Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG) is a perfect example of why healthcare organizations are so dependent on the reliability of their Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems.

The organization’s 850 physicians and specialists use an Allscripts Enterprise Practice Management (PM) and EHR system to do everything from patient registration and scheduling to billing and clinical care. The independent physician practice group expects this mission-critical system to be available and accessible at all times. However, as its business grew, the group needed help managing the system’s back-end infrastructure so it could focus entirely on its strength — providing the best healthcare to 500,000 patients across San Diego.

Moving to the cloud to ensure better availability and coordination of care

To offload management and boost availability, SCMG moved its Allscripts EHR environment and other applications to the NTT DATA Cloud on Demand solution. The platform-as-a-Service solution gives SCMG reliability and security for its EHR system.

Now, the group’s physicians and clinicians have 24/7 access to critical patient information, because the NTT DATA hosting solution delivers the stability SCMG requires. As a result, physicians can retrieve healthcare information wherever they are and whenever they need it. The organization can also enable efficient coordination of care across its 65 physician practices, because it has a centralized system that streamlines patient management. That means physicians can collaborate more easily and ultimately provide better care to their patients.

SCMG can also more easily respond to regulatory or technology changes, because the NTT DATA solution gives it a more flexible way to address frequent hardware and software changes.

Overall, by relying on the NTT DATA Cloud on Demand, SCMG no longer worries about managing the technology behind its EHR system. Instead, the group is spending more time supporting its mission: offering the highest quality clinical care.

Want to learn more? Read the Sharp Community Medical Group case study to find out more about the organization’s challenges and how it solved them by selecting NTT DATA. 

Post Date: 31-10-2017