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Wayne Fueling Systems uses cloud services to grow faster and give employees modern technology tools.

Business Need

Because of a divestiture, Wayne Fueling Systems needed to migrate critical business applications to a completely new IT infrastructure in less than six months.


Wayne Fueling Systems worked with the Cloud Dedicated Service team from NTT DATA to design and transition them to a highly secure, hosted private cloud service.


  • Meets six-month timeline for deploying separate IT environment
  • Scales servers 75% faster
  • Enables remote diagnostics and improved customer communications
Wendi Pitman Global IT Director,  Wayne Fueling Systems

“We could not have built a private cloud and migrated our critical applications in less than six months without NTT DATA. We used the team as staff augmentation, and we relied heavily on their consultants and their best practices to meet our deadline”.

Wayne Fueling Systems (Wayne) is a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations. When it was divested in 2014, the company faced a major challenge: creating a new technology infrastructure on a tight deadline, with a smaller team, while still providing IT services to over 1,400 Wayne global employees.

“We were given six months to become a standalone company with our own completely separate IT environment, but we had to do that with an IT staff of only 17 people”, says Wendi Pitman, the global IT director of Wayne. If Wayne failed to meet that deadline, the organisation faced significant financial penalties.

To meet the challenge, Pitman and her team needed to build a secure and scalable environment in which to stand up an array of applications and services, including a customer-facing commercial cloud application. “We had to ensure minimal disruption to those applications. All of them were business-critical”, Pitman says.

The Wayne staff also saw the opportunity to introduce employees to new technologies during the cutover process. “We wanted to modernise our systems as well, so our global employees would have the latest technologies”, says Pitman. “That was important because our company is growing, and we want to provide the best tools to enable that growth”.

Developing an end-to-end solution 

After speaking with several technology companies, Wayne chose to work with NTT DATA. “Ultimately, we chose NTT DATA because they actually listened to our needs. The other vendors only offered to deploy certain pieces of our infrastructure, but they offered the whole package: consulting, service migration, technology implementation and management”.

To identify the standalone environment that would best fit Wayne, the Global Enterprise Technology Services (GETS) team conducted a strategic workshop, articulating the current and desired future states of the solution. This deep dive resulted in a strategic roadmap and tactical plan to transition Wayne to its new environment with new capabilities in just six months

Rapidly hosting a new private cloud with Cloud Dedicated Service 

With the guiding principles in place, NTT DATA worked with Wayne to architect a secure, standalone environment for the company’s applications. NTT DATA transformed six data centres and 10 data rooms around the globe, including five data centres that were previously owned and managed by the previous Wayne parent company.

The Cloud Dedicated Service onboarding team worked with Wayne to ease the onboarding process, after which Wayne administrators received access to a dedicated VMware console for managing their environment. Wayne administrators can use the Cloud Manager and VMware vRealise™ Automation to securely and centrally manage cloud resources, provide users with self-service provisioning, and deploy and scale cloud applications quickly and easily

As part of its new private cloud solution, Wayne also added Managed Cloud Services, an additional Cloud Dedicated Service solution that provides 24x7 monitoring, support and additional management of the Wayne private cloud.

Migrating 40 critical applications and deploying new applications 

With the new environment in place, it was time to migrate and deploy applications. NTT DATA conducted a comprehensive asset and application discovery phase resulting in migration of 40 business applications and over 1,400 employee computers in 19 countries to the new Cloud Dedicated Service.

Throughout the migration, the Cloud Dedicated Service team worked alongside Wayne IT personnel to make the process as smooth as possible. “We had 20 NTT DATA application consultants in our office for the entire project, and they did everything from understanding how our applications worked, to migrating servers and writing documentation”, says Pitman.

With the applications securely in place in the new environment, NTT DATA provides ongoing management of both the infrastructure and the applications from a hosted data centre and manages servers and storage at several remote Wayne corporate sites.

Enabling backup using Cloud on Demand with ScaleMatrix

NTT DATA was also able to provide a local backup solution in 10 countries across all continents of deployment. NTT DATA is currently backing up 60TB of data for Wayne, which allows dynamic growth and scale. As a result, the Wayne IT team can forecast costs for business expansion and growth, enabling their predictive planning processes.

Introducing technologies that enable innovation

By relying on NTT DATA as a trusted partner, Wayne was able to quickly take advantage of technologies that are enabling innovation for the organisation. For example, they introduced a number of new applications into the environment, including Microsoft Office 365 email and Microsoft SharePoint for employee collaboration. “Our new Office 365 email environment is a great example of a technology that the NTT DATA team introduced to us”, says Pitman. “Throughout the entire process, they were very open in their approach. For instance, they knew we were probably going to move to a public cloud at some point, and they let us know that Cloud Manager can manage across different environments, so that will still work for us in the future”.

Building a new managed private cloud infrastructure in months 

Wayne was able to easily meet the tight six-month deadline for deploying a new IT environment, while keeping critical applications available and secure, by relying on NTT DATA. “We could not have built a private cloud and migrated our critical applications in less than six months without NTT DATA”, Pitman says. “We used the team as staff augmentation, and we relied heavily on their consultants and their best practices to meet our deadline”.

Provisioning servers 75% faster

With the Cloud Dedicated Service environment, Wayne can scale faster than before. “Provisioning servers is at least 75%faster now, because it just requires a phone call to the team”, says Pitman. “In the past, it would take us a few weeks to order, procure and set up a server. And in the near future, we’ll be able to use the Cloud Manager tools to provision servers ourselves, and to spin servers up and down as needed to make sure we’re not spending money unnecessarily”.

Enabling the future-ready enterprise 

With faster provisioning capabilities, Wayne can keep pace with its rapid growth. “We are adding service stations at a fast pace in our commercial cloud environment, and having NTT DATA manage the cloud for us helps us focus on growing the business instead of addressing infrastructure support issues”, says Pitman. For example, Wayne uses its own proprietary software, hosted in the private cloud, to distribute media files to thousands of fuel dispensers via the cloud. “That’s a fast-growing part of our business, so we need a very scalable solution”, says Pitman. “Now, as that business increases, we can quickly launch new servers to support the file transfers and media distribution”.

Additionally, Wayne is using its own software hosted in the private cloud to provide remote diagnostics for thousands of fuel dispensers. “We can actually do proactive diagnostics using the tools to gain better visibility into how fuel dispensers are performing”, says Pitman. The company also plans to create new business applications that improve its customers’ communication and ordering experience. “We might not have the time and resources to focus on applications like that without having the NTT DATA team manage our infrastructure”, says Pitman

As it moves forward, Wayne hopes to continue taking advantage of NTT DATA. “They have offered us a sounding board for new ideas. Each time I’ve asked them for input, they have come back with technology recommendations or provided us with an expert. We look at them as a true partner. They have proved themselves to us so far, and hopefully we’ll work with them again on many future projects”. *

*This case study was originally written by Dell Services, which has become NTT DATA Services as of November 2016.