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Cybersecurity Insights to Protect Your Digital Business

The challenges created by accelerating digital innovation have reached new levels of complexity and scale. As silos across functions start collapsing in organisations, so does the responsibility for cybersecurity. It is no longer just a technology problem looking for a technology solution by the security team. Rather, it’s a shared responsibility fostered by security and risk awareness, shared ownership of cyber-risk and resilience across employees and senior leaders. In NTT's 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report, we identify these unique challenges that industries around the world are facing. We also discuss operational, tactical and strategic considerations to manage risk.

The key findings in this year’s report are based on log, event, attack, incident and vulnerability data and leverages the indicator, campaign and adversary analysis from our global threat intelligence platform. The technology industry was the most attacked industry in 2019, accounting for 25% of all attacks. Meanwhile, 15% of all attacks targeted CMS platforms and nearly 55% of all attacks were application-specific attacks. Read the report for the in-depth findings.

Can You Survive the Next Attack?

Is your organisation secure by design? The 2020 GTIR highlights key challenges observed over the past year, including an escalation in application specific attacks and malwares from vulnerability scanners. Here’s what you need to know.

2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report Highlights

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15% of all attacks targeted CMS platforms


Globally, 21% of malware detected was a form of vulnerability scanner


Technology was the most attacked industry in 2019 with 25% of all incidents

Industry Highlights


The finance industry experienced application specific attacks (37%) and web app attacks (30%), which combined accounted for 67% of all attacks.


Database attacks were the most common type for the healthcare industry, comprising 83% of all attacks.


Within the manufacturing industry, 69% of all malware detected was either virus/worm or Trojan/dropper.


In the tech sector, the Trojan horse was the most common form of malware (63%).

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Global Threat Intelligence Report 2020