Banking on AI to Help Customers Reach Their Hopes and Dreams

Our global survey of nearly 5,000 financial services customers and 500 financial institutions reveals what the next wave of bank customers wants and how the bank of the future will deliver.

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The Future of Banking Is Hyper-Personalized

You’ll get there faster with AI. Our research showed that 35% of customers surveyed want hyper-individualized financial services. They’re even willing to give you more of their personal data and pay more to get it.

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“Help me reach my life goals.” That’s what a growing number of customers say they want from their financial institutions.

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Key Findings: Moving to a New Level of Trust

The next customer wave trusts its banks to use their personal data to customize products and services just for them.

  • 57% of “futurist” customers would leave their financial institution (FI) to get proactive services offered at another FI.
  • 93% of FIs agree that offering personalized proactive services is an opportunity for growth.
  • Only 16% of FIs are leveraging data and AI to provide these specific recommendations to each customer.
  • The bank of the future will use their trove of data powered by AI to offer individualized (1:1) banking services that help their customers meet their life goals.

Are you up to the challenge of reorganizing around AI to deliver hyper-personalization?

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