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Adapt to the demands of precision medicine

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Achieve Pay-for-Performance Success

With a more fragmented market, increased product launches and the need to prove value to payers, the demands of precision medicine will strain the capabilities of pharmaceutical marketing and commercial operations. To survive, pharmaceutical organisations will need to reengineer processes, tap into new data sources and adopt sophisticated analytics to help them launch more products with smaller target markets.

With our breadth of experience and relationships with payers, providers and life science organisation, NTT DATA can help. We offer a full complement of business consulting and system integration that can help you succeed at value-based contracting and data-driven, patient-centred marketing strategies. We can help you integrate a wide array of data sources, gain valuable insights from the data and create new processes and systems to meet the needs of precision medicine.

Everest Group named us a Major Contender in its Life Sciences Digital IT & Application Services PEAK Matrix™. — June 2017

Our Services

Commercial Operations Re-Engineering

We can help you re-engineer your processes to effectively market low-volume, high-margin treatments and make use of real world data to lower costs.

Integrated Data & Analytics

Integrate data from IoT monitoring devices and electronic health records to interact with patients – and achieve precision medicine success.

Scientific Knowledge Sharing

We can help assess your infrastructure and create data architecture to acquire, analyse and share data from a wide variety of sources.

Value-Based Contracting

We can help you create systems to enhance patient adherence and collect the data that you need to show the value of your products.