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Integration That Moves Your Business Forward

With increased competition and commoditisation, customers now expect a sophisticated online experience, including digital distribution, any-time/any-device access and premiums that accurately reflect usage and individual risk. Legacy systems just can’t meet these demands, and it may interfere with your ability to compete. To meet customer and market expectations, you need modern, integrated systems that automate repetitive underwriting tasks, enable self-service and digital capabilities, and utilise business intelligence to improve metrics, workflows and fraud detection.

We can help cost-effectively modernise your technology, procedures and practices to expand your ability to meet the customer and market expectations that will move your business forward. Our comprehensive, highly secure private cloud-based platform incorporates all policy writing, claims and billing functions and related services. Plus, it’s surrounded by cyber-protection services and transformation support. Stay competitive; take advantage of a powerful, innovative insurance platform that reduces time to market and lowers processing costs.

Key Benefits

Our integrated solutions reduce time to market and accelerate expansion with competitive products and services that decrease operating ratios by reducing overall business processing costs.


Offering Details

Insurers are the original masters of predictive analytics. Beyond actuarial tables and databases of historical weather patterns, predictive analytics focus on the kernels of wisdom that can be gleaned from patterns in customer, agent, product and financial data. For example, robust analytics can help you determine a customer’s propensity to buy additional products at any given time, converting every customer touch point into a potential real-time opportunity. Statistical models mature into predictive models, teasing out the reasons behind high-performing products or customer segments and proactively detecting fraud. Across the enterprise, sophisticated analytics are key to charting a successful path forward. We offer services in analytics and big data,

predictive analytics, data mining, risk and regulatory and more. Likewise, our enterprise performance management services help to establish a data-driven enterprise. We begin with integrated, transparent data around key performance indicators. This gives leadership the ability to make intelligence-based business decisions. Proactive enterprise performance management provides senior leadership and business managers the deep customer, product and risk insights to visualise scenarios, harness new opportunities and quickly reshape growth strategies. However, behaving as a data-driven enterprise also requires your culture, people and processes to embrace data as a key input to decisions big and small. Our INSight Segmentation and Analytics for Insurance helps you

capitalise on opportunity by increasing revenue via cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. You can also benefit from seamless data management, as your business-driven master data management foundation enables integrated business processes across your application ecosystem. With effective data management, organisations can mine customer data to identify the most profitable policyholders, increase product penetration per household and offer a targeted appeal to new customers. Over time, a strong data management foundation enables you to selectively incorporate new external sources of structured and unstructured data, such as social media, wearables and telematics, and draw insights through big data analytics.

Reduce time to market, lower processing costs and elevate service to agents and employees with a pay-as-you-go model.