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Transforming your enterprise means becoming agile and adaptive to meet the demands of an evolving, uncertain marketplace. The time is now to design and drive data to actionable intelligence – making your organisation flexible and resilient. Our data intelligence and automation solutions are helping industries like healthcare, financial services and manufacturing improve efficiencies, enhance the customer experience and reduce costs. We’ve even helped cities become safer and more prepared for whatever’s next.

Right now, you need an intelligent enterprise that enables speed and efficiency to tackle customer demands – all at lower costs to remain competitive and address disruption. We help you define and build an intelligent enterprise powered by data analytics and artificial intelligence and fuelled by automation, on a robust IT foundation to support your digital initiatives. You determine the destination while technology determines the next move in your digital journey.

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Hit the road with our self-driving business, powered by data analytics, artificial intelligence and fuelled by automation.

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Are You Ready to Let AI Take the Wheel?

Autonomous vehicles are now a reality and artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionise the workplace next. At NTT DATA, we focus on AI, data and intelligence, and automation to help you implement digital transformation and get closer to the self-driving business of the future.


Our Services


Design and implement practical blockchain proofs of concept that drive business ROI and empower the intelligent enterprise.


Data Analytics & AI

Design and implement the right data analytics and AI strategy to get the intelligence you need to transform and sustain business value.


Data Architecture Modernisation

Define and implement the right data strategy and architecture for your enterprise, so your business can handle the digital challenges of today’s data.


Intelligent Automation

Design the strategy to quickly identify areas for automation, then implement and optimise your automated enterprise to accelerate transformation and maximise business value.


Internet of Things

Build an IoT transformation journey that’s secure, scalable and flexible so that you gain meaningful insights and take action.

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Our Data Intelligence and Automation offerings, powered by Nucleus, help you reduce costs and improve time to market.


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