BPO for Credit Organisations

Streamlining loan origination processes and credit information services

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Become More Agile and Connected

For credit organisations, managing day-to-day operations can be complicated and tedious, and it can demand copious amounts of time and resources. It’s time to boost working capital and reduce costs.


Move Beyond Simply Lowering Transaction Costs

For credit organisations, it’s imperative to be agile, innovative and connected. Business processing outsourcing (BPO) helps make that happen. NTT DATA can help transform your business processes to generate growth and profitability. We deliver continuous value addition, innovation and automation to reduce rework and improve straight-through processes, and improve productivity.

Our industry-leading services help you simplify your loan origination processes and streamline credit information services. And you can transform your compliance frameworks and solutions to keep up with changing regulations. We understand how to implement BPO to improve your business model. Discover how we can work together to automate processes, cut costs and open up new business opportunities.

Everest Group named us a Major Contender in Financial Crime and Compliance (FCC) Operations. – October 2019