BPO for Life Sciences

Speed up time to market, cut costs

Services/ Business Process Outsourcing/ Healthcare and Life Sciences /BPO for Life Sciences

Improve customer engagement and cut administration costs by 25–30 percent.

Increase cash flow for providers through efficient accounts

Services for pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers

Enjoy lower cost of ownership, scalable resource structure and simplified delivery – and reap the benefits of our global infrastructure, tools and technology for process automation, social media expertise and multichannel input centers. 

End-to-end services help you achieve an interconnected, streamlined, efficient and consumer-focused environment.

Customer interaction center

Track and trend every potential adverse event and resolution through a cloud-hosted customer center, pharmacovigilance and complaint management.

Finance and accounting services

Global finance and accounting capabilities, mature processes and solutions built on an integrated platform.

Procurement and order management

Procurement expertise, process optimization tools, category expertise and analytical tools

Focus on innovation, growth and customer satisfaction