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Are You Safe From Attack?

Cyber-threats have an undeniable impact on your bottom line. Our in-depth research sheds light on the latest trends; here’s what you need to know.


Cybersecurity Insights for Protecting Your Digital Business

In the recent “Global Threat Intelligence Report 2018” from NTT DATA Security, researchers identified more than 6.2 billion attempted attacks over a 12-month period. This report dives into individual industry sectors to help identify differences between who is attacking sectors and how they are being attacked. The research shows the threat landscape is dominated by email phishing threats, exploitable vulnerabilities and insider actions.

Attackers are using macros, scripts and social engineering methods, finding unpatched vulnerabilities, and compromising access credentials. Technology was the second most sector attacked globally, and the only sector to appear in the most attacked sector in every region in 2017. Spyware/key loggers ranked first in global malware at 26 percent, indicating attackers’ desire for long-term presence. Read the report to learn more.

2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report Highlights

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Finance is the most attacked sector, attacks on tech sector are growing


Spyware, Trojan attacks and viruses are the most common methods


The United States ranks as first or second in all five regions

Key Takeaways

Attack Source Findings

The United States ranked as the first or second most common attack source in all five regions studied in the report, while the Netherlands ranked among the top five attack in four regions. Top attack sources were often located in the same region as their victims.

Industry Findings

Finance is the most attacked sector and the target of 26 percent of all attacks. Attacks against the technology sector increased about 25 percent over 2016 levels, boosting that sector’s ranking to second globally for volume of attacks at 19 percent.

Malware Findings

Spyware/key loggers ranked first in volume of malware, at 26 percent. Trojans/droppers ranked second globally at 25 percent; however, they represented 62 percent of malware in Japan. Globally, virus/worms were the third most common form of malware at 23 percent, but spiked to 66 percent in the Asia Pacific region.

Today’s successful businesses must strike a balance between competitiveness and security.

Global Threat Intelligence Report 2018