Facilitate Distance Learning and Instruction With Technology

The traditional learning environment is changing. Back-to-school looks very different in 2020; remote instruction, virtual learning and one-to-one computing are now necessary parts of achieving academic success. Technology is an essential part of the equation. Whether for students, teachers or administrators, flexible, affordable IT solutions that improve connectivity, facilitate distance learning and enable self-service resources and instruction will help you achieve academic objectives. Our comprehensive consulting and IT solutions can support your response to an evolving education environment.

Educational institutions around the country are struggling with keeping students safe, engaged and connected – while COVID-19 continues to disrupt the educational landscape. With NTT DATA’s collaborative, mobile, data-driven solutions and remote support options, students and staff can collaborate with confidence. Our Classroom in a Box solution enables a seamless, worry-free remote learning environment that is well-suited for students, teacher and administrators. As you consider your options, we are ready to assist you in preparing for the challenges of this new learning environment.

Get Students Back to Campus

Colleges and universities want students to return to campus. Students want to learn and engage in a traditional learning environment. We have developed a complete Back to Campus solution that uses technology to facilitate a safe campus environment.


Our Services

Higher Education

We help you strategise on ways to deliver and invest in network infrastructure, next-generation instructional video solutions and cybersecurity.


Primary-Secondary Education

Drive customised education through digital content and networking solutions.


Embrace new learning environments, redefine classrooms and drive successful student outcomes.